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全球领先的水性流变助剂设计商与生产商Coatex高泰将在2012中国国际涂料展上展出其创新型分散剂和增稠剂系列产品 。

阿科玛的展台位于10.2号展厅E25-32号展位。展会期间,高泰销售和技术协助团队将与您进行技术讨论和交流 。


“高泰在中国建立了一家应用实验室 实验室 实验室和一家流变助剂工厂 工厂工厂 工厂,可以为亚洲客户提供定制服务和本地化生产的产品”,高泰首席执行官Alain Mari说道。“我们涂料实验室的多名专家将参加2012中国国际涂料展,与您互动并帮助您找到满足具体需求的正确解决方案。”


COAPUR™系列缔合型聚氨酯增稠剂:涵盖所有流变学特性,从牛顿型到假塑性体,具有出色的流平表现。COAPUR™ XS系列具有无与伦比的展色性。COAPUR™增稠剂不含VOC、APEO(烷基酚乙氧基化物)表面活性剂和重金属。






Fabienne Drouel 电话:+33 4 72 08 20 42 fabienne.drouel@coatex.com

更多信息请访问高泰公司网站::: :www.coatex.com

COATEX to Showcase its Rheology Additives at ChinaCoat 2012

A world-leading designer and producer of waterborne rheology additives, Coatex will showcase its innovative and robust range of dispersing agents and thickeners at ChinaCoat 2012.

Throughout the exhibition, Coatex Sales and Technical Assistance teams will be present for technical discussions and exchanges on the Arkema booth located in Hall 10.2, Booth E25-32.

With over 40 years of expertise in rheological additives for aqueous formulations, Coatex is a leading technology / solution partner to the global coatings market. Recent innovations focus on key current issues that today’s Paint Formulators are challenged with, such as reduction of emissions (VOC), sustainable formulating and TiO 2 optimization.

“With an application laboratory and a Rheology Additives plant in China, Coatex provides tailored support and local products to asian customers,” says Alain Mari, CEO – Coatex. ”Several experts of our coating lab will attend Chinacoat 2012, to interact with you and find the right solution for your needs”.

Coatex offers a robust line of solutions to meet the Coating Market’s unique needs:

COAPUR™: a line of associative polyurethane thickeners which cover the full spectrum of rheology profiles, from newtonian to pseudoplastic, delivering exceptional flow & leveling behaviour. The COAPUR™ XS series presents unmatched colour acceptance performance. COAPUR™ thickeners are free of VOCs, APEO (alkyl phenol ethoxylate) surfactants, and heavy metals.

RHEOTECH™: range of associative acrylic thickeners to match a variety of requirements faced by the Paint & Coating formulator. In-can appearance, syneresis control, and outstanding thickening effectiveness are key properties of these thickeners.

ECODIS™: a line of dispersing agents recommended when both outstanding shelf life and cost/performance ratio are required for medium to high PVC formulations. COADIS™: a range of dispersing agents designed to meet specific requirements of coatings such as gloss, corrosion- or scrub-resistance. COADIS™ dispersing agents are recommended for a variety of pigments.

Coatex designs and produces rheology additives for aqueous formulations and waterborne processes. Innovation for Sustainable Development as a core strategy, Coatex is developing highly performing additives to serve a wide variety of applications, such as Waterborne Paints & Coatings, Paper coating, Minerals Processing, Construction and Water treatment. With production sites in France, Netherlands, USA, Brazil and China, Coatex employs more than 350 people. Coatex is a subsidiary of the Arkema group.

Press Relations:

Fabienne Drouel Tel. : +33 4 72 08 20 42 fabienne.drouel@coatex.com

For more information, please visit Coatex’s website: www.coatex.com